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Memory Care Bronx

Memory Care Bronx

It’s not easy choosing a skilled nursing facility.  It’s even tougher to choose one if your loved one requires Memory Care Bronx.  Fortunately, there is a skilled nursing facility right in your backyard that is specially trained to care for these delicate patients.  Briarcliff Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has a dedicated unit devoted exclusively to Memory Care Bronx.

Their staff is warm and caring.  They treat all Dementia and Alzheimer’s residents with extra love and attention.  There are various therapies and activities planned daily to help boost their confidence and memory.  One of these therapies include reminiscence therapy, which has proven to help patients with their Memory Care Bronx.  Another great tool that the staff uses to boost confidence is by utilizing failure free past times that ensure success.  This success keeps their self-esteem high.   The more resident’s experience success, the more confident they feel.  This confidence translates to a willingness to stay engaged.  If a dementia patient doesn’t experience these small accomplishments, they tend to withdraw into themselves.

Briarcliff Manor has also found success with their Inter-generational Programs.  It’s no secret that being around younger people tends to have a positive effect on the elderly.  Likewise, younger people find it a joy to be around seniors.  They recognize the value of these precious residents.  It’s a win win scenario.  Briarcliff Manor has used this program in conjunction with its Memory Care Bronx.  They’ve enjoyed great success with it.

So, if you find yourself searching for a quality skilled nursing facility with a secured Dementia Unit, schedule a tour of Briarcliff Manor Center right away!