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Memory Care Ossining

Memory Care OssiningLife can become difficult to manage when a loved one has been diagnosed with a memory loss issue. While it’s your heart’s desire to be there for them, making sure they are safe, comfortable, and content, other responsibilities and commitments, such as work, your children, your household, and other items need to be taken care of regularly and having to include this new, ever-changing day-to-day requirement will take its toll on both you and your family over time. Our Memory Care Ossining unit is here to help you and your family move through this process smoothly.

Making arrangements to transport this cherished family member to doctors’ appointments and coordinating family schedules to ensure they’re consistently being checked on regarding taking their prescriptions, maintaining personal grooming, and keeping them stocked with groceries and other essentials can become quite exhausting.

We at Briarcliff Manor seek to come alongside you and offer that much-needed support and supervision at a location that is clean, cheerful, and nurturing! Our Memory Care Ossining unit is ready to provide genuine care and concern, as we fully understand that the degree of difficulty that this type of diagnosis can bring to a family is overwhelming, and it is our goal to give quality care with sincerity, compassion, and efficiency!

We at Briarcliff Manor are happy to inform you that our facility has its own secure and lovely Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit. We have recently had some very nice renovations done, so know that your family member will be in an environment that’s up-to-date, spacious, and welcoming!

Each room has its own bathroom, along with complimentary WiFi and cable and Smart TVs. Furthermore, our facility has several lounges, a family room, a library, and a beauty salon/barbershop. We proudly offer restaurant-style dining with a registered dietician on staff and are easily able to customize our residents’ meals to any specific dietary requirements they may have. What’s more, there are many recreational activities that can be provided with guidance, as needed, and, in addition to mealtimes, are great opportunities for your loved one to meet and make new friends with others in the community!

Briarcliff Manor also provides outstanding Memory Care Ossining in our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Unit. Our team of knowledgeable and supportive professionals will speak with your family about your loved one’s specifics strengths and weaknesses with their memory health challenges and devise a plan that will seek to first and foremost strengthen those areas that can be.

Included in this effort will be reminiscence therapy, which is a treatment that uses the individual’s five senses to assist with remembering people, places, and events from their past life. Personal effects, such as photographs, treasured objects, and favorite songs can be used towards this purpose. We also provide other therapies, like physical and occupational.

The next step towards an easier life for your loved one and the rest of your family begins with a single phone call to Briarcliff Manor! Please contact us at (914)941-5100, extension 220, and feel free to ask any questions you’d like about our Memory Care Ossining services, as well as set up an appointment to come by and take a tour at your convenience! We look forward to meeting you soon!