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Memory Care Westchester County

Memory Care Westchester County

Briarcliff Manor Center provides specialized Memory Care Westchester County.  There is a difference between this type of care and assisted living.  Once you examine the difference, you can make a educated decision.

Differences in Memory Care

Specially trained staff.  Each person who works in a specialized Memory Care unit is uniquely trained to work with memory impaired residents.  Some of these training classes may include training on the actual science of dementia.  By learning more about the disease, staff members will be  able to empathize with those who have it.

Activities.  While there are planned activities for Assisted Living as well as Memory Care Westchester County, the activities are not the same.  For memory impaired patients, activities are more structured on a more rigid routine.  Properly timed activities and other leisure opportunities will help ease anxiety that is often experienced by dementia residents.

Nutrition. People who suffer with dementia and the like tend to experience nutritional deficiencies if not properly monitored.  Memory Care Westchester County provides specialized diets with options.  No matter which they choose, each option will include the proper nutritional value.

Environment.  While assisted living facilities also take into account safety precautions, Memory Care units have added security measures.  Memory impaired residents are prone to wander.   Dementia Units will have extra door alarms or motion lights.  Additionally, there might be more options to maintain independence like one touch sensors on sinks.

Services.  With Memory Care Westchester County, you can expect more housekeeping services more often.  Advanced nursing care is another added benefit of a dementia unit.  You may have access to more social work services.  You may also have access to additional dietician services.

Once you determine that your loved one requires specialized Memory Care Westchester County, schedule a tour of Briarcliff Manor Center.  Meet the staff, ask the questions and make your decision with all of the data you need.