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Memory Care White Plains

Memory Care White Plains

Briarcliff Manor Center has a secure unit dedicated to Memory Care White Plains.  This unit is staffed with caregivers who have undergone extensive training.  They are chosen for this unit because they’ve displayed a unique compassion and ability to deal with delicate memory impaired residents.  Even with this propensity, they still undergo in depth and ongoing training.  This training includes daily care.  It also includes teaching  how to choose and implement the best care plan for each individual.

There are several therapies used at Briarcliff for Memory Care White Plains.  One of these therapies is Reminiscence Therapy.  This might include discussion of past events or activities.  It may involve using props such as household items or photos.  Sometimes familiar music from the past is introduced.  This therapy helps improve a residents ability to communicate.  It offers relief from boredom.  Symptoms of depression can be an added benefit of reminiscence therapy. An added benefit is that it also preserves stories and memories for future generations.

Another tool that the staff at Briarcliff Manor uses is Inter-generational Programs.  Mingling younger people with the senior population is mutually beneficial.  It’s great for the younger generation to hear life stories.  It gives them a chance to give back to the older generation by interacting with them in a loving way.  On the flip side, there is an obvious benefit for the elderly population.  Being around bubbly younger people brightens the day of the seniors.  They tend to smile more, engage more and this helps boost their mood.

Briarcliff Manor also uses guided recreation and failure free past times.  All of these and more are all part of the comprehensive Memory Care White Plains that is offered at Briarcliff Manor.