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Subacute Care Westchester County

Subacute Care Westchester County

Briarcliff Manor Center provides exemplary Subacute Care Westchester County.  Not all facilities offer this intensive care.  This 28 bed wing is dedicated entirely to comprehensive Subacute Care Westchester County. The entire staff exists to work toward one goal and one goal only.  This goal is to have you return to health at home.  Your stay may be several weeks to several months.  In every case, the stay is temporary.

Briarcliff Manor’s Subacute unit is clean and modern.  The staff is attentive and the environment geared toward comfort and exemplary care.  Every person is given intense attention.  They work with the family to ensure that the patient is cared for properly long after they leave the facility.  While this Subacute Care Westchester County is temporary, there will be a predetermined treatment course upon release.

The exemplary care that is provided at Briarcliff Manor is the first thing that a patient will notice.  In short order, the stunning and sweeping views are what impresses many who live, work or visit here.  They have several lounges and a family room that offer comfortable spaces for visits.  There’s also a spacioius deck and patio to take in the sunshine and gorgeous scenery.

Briarcliff Manor has staff readily available to answer questions and give tours.  Simply call to make an appointment.  Feel free to ask any questions, or start the admissions process.